All About Water Sprinklers

home is where the sprinkler is

The water sprinkler and its many uses. Photo Credits

Watering your lawn is easier when you have an automated sprinkler system.

Media outfit NBC News reported that a greener and more sustainable option is being eyed in California.

“The plush, green lawns that dot the cities and suburbs of California are in danger. New restrictions meant to cut water use by 25 percent amid a four-year drought could force home owners to let their grass go brown — unless new smart sprinkler controllers save the day. These gadgets use Wi-Fi and sensors to cut back water usage on lawns by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent.”

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Winter Wonderland

In Louisiana though, a lawn turned into a winter wonderland last winter, after its owner forgot to turn it off when the weather reached below zero.

“Residents in one Baton Rouge, Louisiana community woke up Thursday morning to discover someone had forgotten to turn off the automatic sprinkler system. How did they know? Because temperatures overnight had fallen below freezing – and parts of their neighbourhood, coated in sheets of ice, resembled a winter wonderland. According to WVLA News in Baton Rouge, residents of the Windermere neighbourhood were fascinated by the bizarre “ice sculptures” the sprinklers had created, and came out to take photos of the impromptu display.”

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In Perth, Australia a government office is under fire after it used an automated sprinkler system to deter homeless people from getting near its office.

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“A sprinkler system installed outside Perth’s King Street Arts Centre to deter homeless people seeking refuge has been turned off after Western Australia’s Department of Culture and Arts (DCA) admitted it was meant to be a mist and not a jet stream.”

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So how do you use your sprinkler at home?