How to save on Heating Bills

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Lowering heating bills. (Photo Credits)

Heating bills can be very high during the winter months and the best thing to do is to try various ways to at least help lower it. OSHA Plumbers 

Popsugar shared nine ways to lower your home heating costs. “Plastic Wrap Windows — If you’ve ever stood next to a drafty window, then you can attest that they’re major culprits of heat loss. Keep the cold air out affordably by covering windows with plastic. DIY window insulation kits are generally under $20 and allow you to secure plastic sheets with insulated tape and shrink wrap it with a hair dryer.”

Read the other eight here.

Alternative way to lower expenses

Plumbing Info Sun meantime shared a video on how to save on heating expenses this winter.

With winter in full blast, have your heating bills been going up?  The man in this video Yongnam figured out an easy cheap and efficient way to increase the temperature in your house by about 10 degrees.  For this life hack, you will need water, bubble wrap and tape.  I’m totally blown away and I am setting this up in my own house.”

Watch the video here.

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The Regenerative Leadership Institute likewise shared some home hacks to lower your heating expenditures.

“When the temperature drops in winter, the temptation can be to simply turn up the thermostat to heat your home. However, that has some significant downsides, from adding to the burning of fossil fuels to make municipal energy to raising your heating bill. Fortunately, there are other greener and cheaper ways that you can keep your house warm in the wintertime. The methods described in this article, from eliminating mini draughts to using tin foil as insulation, are all quick, easy and effective, and mean you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.”

Check out the 14 tips here.

How much is your heating bill?

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